Esri's ArcGIS is the premier GIS software platform for creating, analyzing and distributing geographic information.  We have used ArcGIS software for over 15 years and provide a full range of services for all aspects of the ArcGIS platform, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise (formerly ArcGIS Server) and ArcGIS Online.

ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government

Our specialty is local government GIS. Our team has over 30 years experience in providing ArcGIS-based solutions to city, township, and county governments.


The Charter Township of Fenton, Michigan, has contracted with us since 2001 to implement and manage an enterprise-wide GIS based on ArcGIS software. They currently utilize ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online.

Cityworks is the only ArcGIS-based Asset and Maintenance Management System on the market today.  We have over 15 years of experience implementing Cityworks for municipalities.


The Genesee County Drain Commissioner, Division of Water and Waste Services, has contracted with us since 2003 to implement and maintain a GIS-based asset management system using Cityworks.

Map Production

We use ArcGIS software to create professional hard copy maps at varying scales ranging from page to poster size.  These maps can then be delivered to our clients allowing them to take ownership of the map and related data.


Macomb County Department of Roads contracted us to design a GIS-based workflow for generating the County's Road Certification maps. The resulting maps are submitted to the State of Michigan. Currently they are the only County in the State that submits using GIS data compared to traditional paper or mylar maps.

ArcGIS Training

We offer a variety of training options for organizations or individuals that want to learn more about ArcGIS software and GIS in general.

ArcGIS Technical Support

We provide experienced and knowledgeable personnel to direct or assist your staff on ArcGIS-related issues.


Ionia County, Michigan, has relied on our GIS technical support for over a decade. We provide both on-site and remote support sessions as needed to address issues related to ArcGIS Desktop.

App Development and Software Customization

We can design, develop and deploy any custom application or GIS tool to meet your needs.  We utilize the ArcGIS API's to ensure the solution works on whatever operating system or device is required.  Our team can also leverage Esri's Web AppBuilder to design a custom web mapping application or the Collector for ArcGIS app to streamline field data collection.


The City of Roseville, California, hired us to develop a custom tool for ArcGIS for Desktop that automates the public notification process, including generating mailing labels and notices for proposed zoning changes.