Cityworks  is a GIS-centric platform to manage both physical infrastructure and land-focused asset management.  It fully leverages your investment in ArcGIS software without costly duplication of effort or data.  Cityworks is a cost-effective, efficient Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for any size organization.  It is use by hundreds of municipal governments throughout the United States.

We have been implementing and maintaining Cityworks products for over 15 years to clients throughout southeastern Michigan.  Our expertise is in Cityworks Server AMS, a browser-based solution that enables enterprise-wide deployment of your CMMS for every type of user.  


The Charter Township of Shelby, Michigan, hired us to deploy Cityworks Server AMS for the Department of Public Works. This solution allowed their DPW personnel to more efficiently manage their sewer and water infrastructure by leveraging their existing GIS data and investment in ArcGIS software.

Cityworks Server AMS allows any organization to better manage their assets through the use of the following functionality:

•    Call center
•    Service requests
•    Work orders and preventative maintenance
•    Inspections, test and condition assessments
•    Storeroom and inventory management
•    Reporting
•    Interface to other systems such as billing and accounting

In addition to Cityworks Server AMS, Cityworks Server PLL (Permits, Licensing and Land) is desgned for public agencies to manage permits, projects, inspections and other activities related to the permitting, planning and engineering process.

Our experience in using Cityworks has enabled us to become an official Business Partner of Azteca Systems, the developer of Cityworks.

GIS and Cityworks has streamlined our workflow, improved our efficiency and increased productivity within various departments. Since its implementation, we have improved our information processing, decision-making and response times.
— Theresa Ingle, Genesee County Water and Waste Services