Education is essential for long-term success of any GIS or asset management program and is a primary tenet of the interaction with our clients. Our personnel, which includes a certified GIS professional (GISP), offers two types of GIS and asset management training: technical and concepts.

Technical training is designed for those beginners or seasoned GIS analysts that are interested in extending their skills. Classes often occur on-site at the client’s workplace and are always tailored to specific data sets or problems of the client’s choosing. For situations that require immediate attention, we offer remote desktop assistance where our personnel can connect to the client’s computer and prescribe a solution right over the phone.

Concepts training is seminar-style sessions designated for department officials interested in understanding the generalities of GIS and asset management. We introduce general concepts and discuss how GIS technologies can be harnessed to help organizations meet their current needs and expand services all while becoming more efficient.

Whether you are interested in simply understanding what a GIS is, or extending your technical skills, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive the best education possible.

North Arrow Technologies has been essential to our GIS education and training. Their knowledge about GIS and their ability to explain technical topics in an easy to understand way has been invaluable.
— John Bush, Former Ionia County Drain Commissioner

GIS Workflow Analysis

GIS is often underutilized within an organization simply because the proper procedures and staff training were not implemented. Our recommendation to every client is to perform an assessment, either internally or with our help, of their GIS workflows and identify areas where training, technical support and automation can be used to improve efficiency.

We can provide the following workflow solutions depending on your specific needs:

  • Personalized training with step-by-step documentation
  • On-site training and coaching for staff members
  • On-demand phone support with screen sharing
  • Custom tools and scripts to automate repetitive tasks